Best DVD Player compatibility: Use DVD-R or DVD+R w/ book type set to DVD-ROM?

I’m curious if there is a concensus as to which has better compatibility with consumer DVD players, DVD-R or DVD+R using bitsetting to set the book type to DVD-ROM?

I am working on a DVD that will contain video and slideshows, and I’ll be sending copies to family and friends. They all have DVD players, though I have no idea which brands or models they have, so I’m looking for the format that is most likely to play on all of them.


Hi :slight_smile:

It’s only my experience, but I haven’t noticed (as yet) any difference in compatibility between DVD-R and DVD+R set to DVD-ROM with bitsetting.

Some +R medias I used have had compatibility problems even when set to DVD-ROM, but were rejected as well by a standalone player that can accept +R, so my guess was that this is more media related (Brand, MID, reflectivity…) than -R / +R with bitsetting related.

I think a more important question is WHICH +R medias give the best compatibility with standalone players…

In this area, I never had any reject with genuine “made in Japan” +R Maxells 4x and 8x (MAXELL 001, MAXELL 002). I don’t have much experience with other +R medias, though I had success with RICOHJPNR01 but I only burned 5-6 of these.

Had rejections from standalones with RitekR03 and, surprisingly, MCC003. :eek: :confused:

+r with -rom should provide ‘most’ compatibility.

I read somewhere that +r should load faster, skip faster etc. Not sure if it’s true. For a long time i only used -r and never had a problem. This was after to much variation in +r discs. Anyway, since i found ricohjpnr01 @ svp for very little price i tried +r again and they are excellent. (Note that some players won’t play + and some won’t play - very well. Many JVC don’t play +r) If you read around here you’ll see that TY and Verbatim are petty safe places to put your money :slight_smile:

i like the +r booktype combo. its never failed on any of the dvd players that i have used or any of the players of people that i have given discs to. also i only use +r’s because the burners i have favor the +r media.

Thanks for the replies everyone. For now, I’m sticking with DVD-R, as I found a pretty good deal on Verbatim 16x DVD-R White Hub Inkjet Printables at Meritline. For a stack of 50 they were $45 - $10 instant coupon - $13 mail-in rebate, so $22 for 50 after all is said and done.

I’ve had good success with 4x RiTek, and 8x Imation branded DVD-R. I had about 50% failure rate with 4x Memorex branded DVD+R. But that was on my Sony DRU-510A. I recently purchased a NEC 3540A (only $43.99 at Newegg!) and an Epson R200 printer to print directly on the discs, as I had been using glossy labels before.

Anyway, thanks for the info, and I do look forward to using Liggy and Dee’s firmware to enable bitsetting on my new 3540A to see if that makes any difference on the few remaining 4x Memorex DVD+R blanks that I still have.