Best DVD Movie Backup Setup

I want to buy a writer and possibly a seperate reader for legal movie backups of dvds I already own, some of which are already scratched up ( I have a 2 year old boy – Monster’s Inc. is now so bad it won’t play so it may be a lost cause, but the others can be saved). I would also use the writer for some general data backup but movies are the main cause of buying.

Anyway, from a lot of reading here it appears that the best writers are often not very good rippers. I’m leaning towards getting the NEC-2500 for writing and the Lite-On 166S for reading/ripping. Will this be a good setup?

If I were going to get just one drive to do both I’m leaning towards the Pioneer 107D. How does this compare to the two drive setup?

Bestbuy now has a sale on the Lite-On 811s/851s but what I’ve read about it makes me hesitant, even if it is local, and Newegg is good and fast.

I suppose I could spring for the dual layer writers but with the cost of media and that the single layers are known quanities I’ll probably stick with single layer for now.

Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated.


personally I’d go the 2 drive setup, but I have no idea how the Pioneer would compare for DVD ripping to the Liteon 166S. I’d be inclined to say the 166s would be better, but I dunno just how much of a difference that would make in real-world use. Could mean the difference between a good and bad rip on that Monsters DVD. I have no idea.

I have the Pioneer 107D as well as a Panasonic drive, but I’ve just used them for data-backup tasks so far (believe it or not), so I can’t comment on movies and quality of rippage. I do have a bias for a 2-drive setup, as opposed to a 1-drive setup, tho.

Whatever you do, don´t buy the LiteOn 811S. I got one and it only produces average quality discs or even worse. I´m going to buy the Dual Layer writer NEC 2510A soon to get a drive thats really good at DVD burning.

Thanks martin100 and cynicalbastard:

martin100: so that’s why bestbuy has the liteon on sale!

cynicalbastard: this clinches it, I’ll got the two drive setup.

I think the 166s is set. Now to decide on the NEC 2500, 2510 or something else like a Pioneer. decisions, decisions. thanks to both of you for your help.

The NEC2500 and 2510 are phyiscally the same drive, firmware is the only difference.

I’m not sure if you are going to use CD-R disks but if you do, I’d like to recommend SOHC-5232K instead of LTD-166S. 5232K price is about US$30-$40. Buy ND-2510A instead of ND-2500A since the price difference is coming to nearly zero, but if your reseller offers ND-2500A at something like US$60 and ND-2510A for US$90, buy ND-2500A and use Herrie’s firmware.

apparently NEC does something in production that will cause the 2500 to become “unstable” if flashed with the new firmware. That was a release from NEC. :bow: Don’t think its unusable because plenty of folks have done it. Perhaps it was just a last tweak to help compatibility of the +DL format. :iagree: