Best dvd media (Taiyo-Yuden discs)



What do you pros think of Taiyo-Yuden discs. I have been told they are the best?


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They may be the best, but if you have important data to back up I would always recommend backup on two different disc types. Other good discs would be Maxell (Made in Japan Maxell only) or Verbatim (Made in Taiwan by CMC only). :slight_smile:


The 8x +R TY are probably the best.

Hey kg, you can’t forget the Verbatims made in Singapore! Even if most of us can’t get the single layer disks anymore.



The best is Taiyo Yuden 8x T02 +R and the best online dealer in USA is -eh!


How much do they pay you each time you say that? :bigsmile:


I agree, perhaps Jesterrace will think about it :slight_smile:

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I actually find MCC004 and TY on a par with each other, comparing 16x +R to 16 +R that is.

Much as I hate to say it, I agree with Mike about the TY 8x +Rs though :slight_smile:


Absolutely. Taiyo Yuden 8X +R T02 is the very best media I’ve ever seen.



Rima is an authorized TY reseller in the US, and they are much better in terms of getting you what you ordered, on time and non-defective than companies like meritline.



And how much are they paying you to say that - little lady -eh? :eek: :eek:


Secret :wink:

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Me too - a penny for everytime I have pimped either Rima or Taiyo Yuden or both - I’d be a flippin’ millionare - eh!


TY is very good media, although there is other media available that is equally good to TY, and possibly better in long term stability. Verbatim +R is excellent media as well (I’m partial to their discs Made in Taiwan by CMC, but to not confuse matters just their +R media in general). Some Maxell is also excellent, 8x and slower CMC under reputable brands will burn well and is extremely stable, etc. When using TY, their +R tends to have better stability characteristics, although their 16x -R media seems to be an improvement over their older -R in that regard.


I totally agree :iagree:

8X CMC MAG media is excellent as well as Verbatim made by CMC , I would also add OPTODISC0R8 and OPTODISCR16 under Aero Circle or Samsung Pleomax brands :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was also going to mention OR8 and R16, they burn extremely well with good batches (I’ve had a lot of batches burn poorly near the edge so it’s important to get a good batch). Stability in the long term is not entirely known though, but I’ve not had problems with OR8 that’s 1-2 years old. But assuming you get a good batch, they seem to be excellent discs. I’ve not used either of those brands but I see them suggested very often for Optodisc media so I’m assuming that they’re among the best for batch consistency.


No doubt that 8xTY +r’s are consistently the best disks (especially for the older Lite-Ons). Can those of you who have ordered TY’s from bigmike7’s favorite place, (or one of the other online dealers), tell me if the actual feel of the disk is as good as the 8x Sony TY’s. I was just wondering whether Sony ordered a special pressing of the TY. or was their disk just the normal generic valueline version?

Those Sony white disks just felt like they were made better than other excellent disks like the Verbatims. The finish was smoother, and it felt more solid. The old Fuji TY had a fine feel, too, but not as good as those white Sony’s.

Why did they have to stop using TY in Japan! :sad:

Btw, when is going to start using bigmike7’s name and avatar under their insignia? :wink:

Once I run out of my Sony and Fuji TY’s, I may have to take his advice.
Any comments on


Rima does not, nor have they ever so far as I know, sell Valueline Taiyo Yuden. They only sell primium TY disks. I wish I could comment on the comparison between the “Virgin,” TY’s and the Sonys, but I’ve never bought the Sonys, or any other branded media that was TY. From what I’ve seen from looking at alot of other people’s scans though, occasionaly the branded TY MID code disks don’t burn QUITE as well as the virgin unbranded disks. I’d guess this is just a result of the disks being handled a second time after they were manufactured in order to add the other companies’ name to 'em? (EG Fuji or Sony) I don’t know, perhaps TY is actualy doing that in the manufacturing process when they MAKE the disks for those manufactureres. Purely speculation there.

Anyhow, I’m another one that repeatedly shouts Rima and Taiyo Yuden from the rooftops. I’m still waiting on my first check. :wink:



Yo JD-

Agree with your analysis 100% bra-

My bonus comes in the form of great burns - no coasters - and great visual rendering on my Hitachi Ultravision 56" HDTV - which gives me a net cost [I]below[/I] the other medias-eh!

(btw - in the time I have been recommending Taiyo Yuden and Rima - [B]not one[/B] member that has used them ever complained - [B]not one[/B]-!!!)


Another vote for the unbranded TY discs from They have proven to be the most consistent quality media for the price. While it is true that Verbatim CAN be right up there with their quality, I have found them to be less consistent as a whole (Yes, even their CMC Mag produced single layer MCC coded discs). The premium TY discs that I have produced from have definitely been the most consistent of ANY media that I have used (single layer or double layer). Even when burning the 8x TYG02 DVD-R discs at 12x. I also agree with Joe Dirt on the rebranded issue. Back when Fujifilm was outsourcing to TY I picked up 3 50 packs, and the vast majority of the discs in ALL 3 SPINDLES HAD SOME FORM OF SPOTTING IN THE DYE!!! I also bought 6 15 packs of Maxell MIJ media (supposed to be right up there with TY) and not only did all of the discs have spotting in the dye, THEY ALSO HAD FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER THEM!!! For this reason I have sworn off of all store bought media for single layer DVDs (I will still buy rebranded CD-Rs and D/L DVD+R Verbatims from stores). Sorry but IMHO 240 discs between two supposed top notch manufacturers and 9 different spindles is too much for me to consider a coincidence. Although recently I did recieve a 50 pack of 16x Maxell DVD-R (Prodisc F02) as a freebee for helping out one of my co-workers with a couple of projects. Provided I burn them at 8x they actually scan quite well (anything above 8x though and they turn to crap). I just need to wait for a few months now and re-scan them to see if they have any durability.


Yo Jester-

Remember - you were the one that turned me onto Rima and Taiyo Yuden - originally-eh!!! :iagree: :iagree:


[B]Jester[/B], thanks for informing us.
The price pressure causes things like this to happen :frowning:
My Fuji T02 were very good, maybe I just had more luck than you.

Anyway, I wonder what fingerprints are doing on Maxell’s discs from Japan :eek: How sloppy must Maxell’s QC (or packaging? at the plant) be to let this stuff pass?