Best dvd media single layer to use to backup my bought dvd collection

I have been using taiyo yuden 16x high quality discs. I use dvdfab platinum because the newer versions of this program copy fine but won’t play in my samsung dvd player/recorder. I heard verbatim disc work better in all dvd players. Is 16x speed too fast or should I buy a slower speed for dvdfab platinum. Which discs are better -r or +r What are the best brand of disc to use. Any help would be appreciated.

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I’d buy Verbatim 16x +R (my burners just seem to prefer +R) and burn at 8x - 12x.

No problems doing that with my own movie backups, no playback problems (also using Fab Platinum). :slight_smile:

What burner/firmware do you have? You can see the firmware after the drive name in Fab Platinum.

Edit: We also have two polls relating to storage:

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I have a HL-DT-ST DVD ±RW GWA4164B drive with E113 firmware on a dell xps 600 system.

The Verbatim should be fine if you choose that. :slight_smile:

Taiyo yuden or Verbatim stop away from the made in india stuff in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Check this out, though it’s not a full disc (and it seems I forgot the MID in the post, whoops. Thanks Drage :o)


Very nice burn Arachne :clap:

Though I’m still nervous about how long they live vs CMC made Verbies. CMC’s own discs also do [I]very[/I] well in longevity tests. I feel I trust them more because of this than MBI, as I have had some nasty results with MBI made CDs and some DVDs in the past (though long time ago).


well i dont like mbi only experienced 2 spindles from em all similar results :stuck_out_tongue: mit mis or mij verbies for me :slight_smile:

3 Scans of the same disc and i think their pretty consistant scans i could find the disks out for trting :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: i checked the disk for spots dust etc also there wasnt a thing on them at the time of burning or scanning :slight_smile:

@Marcus - can you try a 4x scan on your Litey if you still have one of those discs? I scanned at 4x because 8x chucks out strange results on mine (plus the jitter readin’s not exactly accurate at 8x).

Saying that, as you say the scans look consistent to me too :iagree:

Sure ill find them out wont be till after weekend though going away friday night and i duno where they are right this time :slight_smile: i still got some of the blanks sat in my room cos i did some burns and i was like yuck afer and their just gathering dust and yes jitters a bit out Did 8x for speed scanning the same disc 3 times in 3 drives and to be fair all results show the nice big spike @ 2 gb Anyways not trying to scarmonger him off as i know ther will be some good batches of them just i stumbled upon some bad ones and i think he should take heed in buying verbies as mbi can be bad :slight_smile:

EDIT: found the disk , clean as a whistle not even reading in any of my drives :confused:

I’ve had some MCC 004 Made in India that were exactly like that. :frowning:

Eeek! :eek:

Just restarted my pc too and its still not picking up , drives are pioneer 112d, benq 1650,1655, liteon lh18a1h, lg h42nb, plextor 760 sa , optiarc 5170 and 7170 nothing not a thing on 2 pcs :frowning:

My taiyo yuden 16x discs copy perfectly using dvdfab platinum version, but when I update to the new version of dvdfab platinum it copies fine but won’t play on my samsung dvd player. Dvdfab platinum copies play perfectly but when I update the program the copies never play. Anyone here ever heard of that. I posted in the dvdfab platinum section but no one there had any ideas why. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I did the full uninstall that is shown in the dvdfab section as well.

I think it’s best to deal with media stuff here, and Fab stuff in the Fab forum, as Fengtao and Ting (DVD Fab authors) are around that forum quite often - in fact, right now - so they’ll be able to lend a hand if need be.

Out of curiosity, I can’t find a thread by you in the DVD Fab forum. If you didn’t start a new thread, I’d recommend doing so. :slight_smile:

Edit: ah, found your thread. Bump it up and say you’re still having problems with the newest version while Fengtao and Ting are around :wink: