Best DVD Media for Samsung 203B

Which DVD media media would be best burned by this burner. I’m thinking about getting a Samsung 203B or two. Thanks in advance for your replies.

Take a look at the 203B scans thread whilst waiting for replies. :wink:

I did. So if I get the Samsung 203B, should I overspeed or just burn at the rated speed? So far I’m looking at Taiyo Yuden as the best option but I wanted to know if the Retail Box packaging is good or if it damages discs?
Oh sorry, I thought you meant the scans on the Samsung 203B review. I’m looking now at the link you gave me now but I think it will take a while to read over 52 pages.

My S203B’s do good with any media I happen to throw in them to burn. I have used
MCC02RG20,MCC03RG20,MCC003,MCC004,TYG02,YUDEN00T02,Prodisc F01,CMC MAG
AM3, CMC MAG E01,Ritek F1, CMC MAG M01 but the M01 never was that great in any
of my Sammys or Liteon’s :Z either but so far everything else with the exception of the
CMC MAG M01’s has done great in the Samsung’s. :iagree:

As I have seen it at the forum mostly MCC004 (CMC made) and TYg02 media seems to be the best for this burner, but I have seen some great results from OptodiscR16media too.

Any other suggestion?

I can also report good burns @12x with MIT Verbatim 16x -R (MCC 03RG20). 16x and 8x just don’t seem to do as well with this MID and burner…