Best DVD Media for Burning and Printing On

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Please give me your input.

I’ve had good success with 8x Prodisc +R and -R media and the Canon MP600 likes the coating. The ink dries very quickly and the quality is good.

The one batch of Verbatim -R wide and one batch of -R glossy I purchased did not burn well and the glossy media was very slow to dry, especially using Epson inks, not so bad with the Canon ink.

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Taiyo Yuden Watershield and Verbatim Glossy are miles ahead of competition for print with TY as winner. Write quality/compatibility/stability seem pretty decent on those too :slight_smile:

where can I get either prodiscs or TYW or VG cheap?

Best results with the TY and Verbs, however, Prodisc and some TDK have done well also. My Canon iP4000 (UK model) seems to do the best print job with the inks going further and drying much quicker than my Epson.

Taiyo Yuden for great all round.

TDK printable has one of the best printable surfaces I have ever seen, but good, but not fantastic scans

Optical Quantum (newegg has them) come in Silver (DVD+R 16x TTH02) and White (DVD-R 16x TYG03) hub printable and look very good.

They have a waterproof surface “Liquid Defense”.

It looks like so far Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are the best popular choice

No surprise then. :slight_smile:

Well now it’s clear most people like Verbatim.


I think he’s going off the results of the poll :wink:

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Mitsubishi BIGAZO DVD-Rs have the best non-glossy printable surface in my experience, a very smooth white surface. The Dolphin spoke of them possibly being sold in the US but so far nothing has come of it.

Why would you want to get ripped of buying from “Best” Buy

Any particular brands of Verbatim or TY that are the best?

If you want the best prints you should get these :slight_smile: