Best dvd media for 3520a?

I am backing up some dvd movies I own and want some opinions on the best dvd media to use. I have burned with a apple dvd-r and it plays in my xbox and a phillips dvd+r and it played in my xbox also. I am just heading out to target and wonder what brand should I get?

the best media I’ve used since I’ve gotten the drive 2 1/2 weeks ago is maxell dvd-r’s(4x with a yellow top).I burn em at 8x and they are perfect.I get em at office depot.Every sunday it seems they are on sale there.Check your sunday sale papers or go to them online and see.

I guess you can’t get Ridata/Ritek media at Target? Almost any burner I’ve ever seen is able to burn the Ridata 4x DVD+R’s (RicohJPNR01 media code) at 8x or higher with great results. I burn these at 8x on my BenQ DW1620A / NEC ND3500AG with wonderful results and scans. Some of the most compatible media for all burners on the market. Plus I like the Silver Matte finish which doesn’t smudge like Shiney Silver finishes do. :slight_smile:

True.I also have some and they are reliable as all get out.


Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell are all good medias and burn very well in all NEC’s-