Best DVD Media [B]without[/B] considering price

Everyone has a reasonable list of “good” DVD media, but for some projects, you want “The Best” (i.e., transfers from DV of the kids, etc). So, a mini survey with the following criteria

  1. Feel free to choose +R or -R (or both). Limit yourself to a MAX of TWO of each type and only if you can’t settle on a single clear winner.
  2. List the media you would choose if price was no object (within reason, arbitrarily < $5 per disk).
  3. List where you would buy it (knowing about an awesome brand but not knowing where to get it sucks) and price. Obviously brand and manufacturer are required.
  4. Burner(s) you’ve tried it on.
  5. (optional but encouraged) List the media ID (from DVDInfoPro)

The answers have been given many times, the info is spread all over the forum.
So pls just take your precious time and browse the forum.

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Taiyo Yuden

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To save you some time, all people here will say Taiyo Yuden. There is no need to ask this again.

For me, any media that works will do. The thing is that i don’t really see going from working burn to superb burn will give me any advantage. Getting a disc with PI/PO=100/10 or PI/PO=10/1 are the same for me. As long as, they both work, they will do the job for me. I just cannot see myself paying extra just for those good looking kprobe’s graphs. Getting crappy discs and unreliable is not acceptable though.

1: Taiyo Yuden
2: Maxell
3: Mitsubishi

That’s my top 3.

Best media for important things = TY

Second best media for important things = maxell

Best cheapo media for movies = “A” grade princo

cd pirate,

What brand uses “A” grade princo??


Where are people getting good prices on their Taiyo Yuden’s?
I’m primarily interested in some inkjet printable +R’s right now, since there seems to be some severe concern about using labels on DVD media. I was able to pick up a (display unit) Epson Stylus Photo 900 for $40 which supports printing on CD/DVD’s and thought I’d give that a try.