Best Dvd making program?

I usually make the dvds of our local Rocky Horror Picture Show group, but I have some really basic burning program. I’m looking for a burning program that has lots of options, including animated menus, copy protection, etc.

Mainly just making them really cool for people to enjoy. So my question is… what is the best one to get? Money is not an option…but an arm n leg is…so hopefully you’ll get back to me soon.



it is not really clear what it is you are asking for. on one hand you appear to be asking about DVD burning\copying software but it also appears you want a menu makiing program as well.

well…are they different…i want to make a dvd like you’d get from the store…

i can basically do that with what i got…make a few seperate pages with stuff on em…but i want one thats professional looking.

I want to ‘make’ a dvd . Menus, movie, etc. … all in one package.


For lower end, Ulead Video Studio or DVD Maker, and for mid to upper, Adobe Premiere 6.5. Ulead is around $50.00 and Adobe is around $100.00, or real high end stuff is starts around $400, and goes up to thousands.

I would try Sony DVD Architect, Adobe Premiere, and you could even give NeroVision Express a try too.