Best DVD maker program?

WHat is the best DVD maker program…that has the AAll in one function similiar to Nero Express 4 but is steered toward professional users and for professional dvd’s…must be able to easily convert avi/other files as well.

Professionals don’t use such crap and also not cheap software.

Probably Adobe software is the best for you, but is not so cheap :eek:

Maybe you want to take a look also to DVD lab pro

Pro’s dont use ‘one click’ progs (as said) some of the ones that are more ‘pro’ type use are some of the stuff made by Canopus, their Edius Pro is good for building the disk up, and Pro Coder is good at the encoding bit, Edius has a cut down version built in to it.

But I still use Auto Gordian Knot (v2.27 IIRC) everyday for very good quality XviD encodes from my capture card that produces DVD quality mpegs and that is as near to ‘one click’ as you can get and still make very good, and IMO repeatable converts and encodes.

If you want a good idea of video products/software, and whether they are for the consumer, semi-pro, or professional, take a look at

lol - Exactly - well said!

Professionals use Sonic Scenarist :smiley:

However, something that claims to come pretty close at a fraction of the cost, almost a steal, is Mediachance’s DVD Lab Pro 2.0 which lets you use the entire DVD specifications.

For simple DVD creation, chaptering, menu creation I would recommend Pegasys’ DVD Author 2.0 (formerly DVD Author Pro) - it is easy to use and the results are excellent. (very responsive software)

Whatever you do avoid ULEAD CRAP, stay as far away from that as possible.

lol i tried ulead it doesnt even work on my comp when i press make a dvd sldie it loads and repops up…gonna forward a complaint soon lol

Um i could just use all of the adobe softwares :confused: humz…

dvdlab 2 were just released.

There is also a trial version available.

I guess that depends on which ulead products your are talking about. Ulead DVD Workshop is a very good/semi-pro product. Many people also like Movie Factory 5, and Studio 10 plus. They may not be as good as Adobe Premiere, or Vegas 6, but not everybody needs a professional level software.

And the statement that professionals use sonic is only partially true. Many use Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas 6, Canopus Edius, and others. It all depends on the application (Broadcast, web, dvd, etc…)

Which professional one is just designed for purely making DVD’s…

How much money will you spend??

Try to take a look in Adobe website to watch what products and prices they offer; here you can find more detailed informations

I have Adobe Standard but pretty high learning curve for me anyway. It came free on my computer which was one of the reasons I bought that computer. Kind of a high end for home videos though. Great program. Just has some things left out of the premier software.

Does anyone know instruction/FAQ on which Adobe program to sue and how to use them? What about the vegas ones? What are the top ones specifically for designing dvd’s.

Have you gone to the various web sites to see what each says about their program ?

I use Edius pro with a card I got and that does a lot (really a lot!), even to broadcasting standards but costs a lot and I still have to read the books to get it to do new things, I have had a quick look and both Vegas and Adobe in the past, but as I remember DVD lab (as others have said) looked very comprehensive and could do all the same, but I have not used them on a day to day basis as I use womble mpeg video to just do my basic video editing as its easy and seems to use no processing power (I have encoding still going on as well) but it cant build the DVD up like the other can.

I would have thought that Doom9’s NL editing forum might help as would the web sites.


Does DVDLab burn a create fully compliant DVD files. 32k gap, proper layer break, etc ??

Dont think so…iam 100% sure imgburn does it cuz i burnt like 10 dl disc and it also havs this streamless feature or something (someone confirm). Imgburn is best at BURNING DL disc.

You can’t really edit on DVD-Lab, Premiere allows you to edit color, contrast and actually edit the video… I’d say DVD-Lab is really just for authoring and editing the organization of the video, not the actual video.

Will Dvd Lab Pro make it so u can fit like 9 avi files to a 4.37 dvd-r cause nero wont cut it down for u…

I’m a huge fan of Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5. But it is not terribly good at video editing. I use Ulead VideoStudio for that, mainly because it is more stable than other stuff I’ve tried. But the interface is less than optimal for some.

I’ve tried bunches of stuff and simply find that the Ulead apps just flat out work without crashing, so I’m happy about that.