Best DVD for I004?

Hi guys

I am new to this forum so please dont flame me!! :slight_smile:

Which Discs seem to be the best for the BTC I004 drive?

I have used bulkpaq’s 4x discs but I am looking at getting some Ritek’s which use the G04 or G05 dye…

is this good based on your own personal experience?

i’ve had very good results with Platinum branded 8x DVD+R (mid: RICOHJPNR02), Sony branded 4x DVD+R (mid: RICOHJPNR01), MMORE branded 4x DVD+R (mid: MCC002) and with Philips branded 8x DVD+R (mid: PHILIPS C08). I think that with current firmware 1004 is a very good DVD+R burner…