Best DVD drive solely for ripping CD's?



I’m new here so I’m not sure if this is the right format for this question, but I’m looking for the best (currently produced) drive for ripping CD’s(mostly using EAC). If it’s listed on Newegg, that’s a big plus. Thanks.


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We all have our favourite drives for doing things, so you’ll get a few different answers to this, I think.

Personally, I tend to use my LiteOn drive (older model, LH-20A1H) to rip my CDs (and DVDs).

For the rare disc that the Litey finds problematic though, I use a Samsung drive.


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The Samsung is far better when it comes to audio CD ripping.
Faster too.
Regardless of whether IDE or SATA.
In fact Samsung SATA drives are one of the few to be able to do HTAO.
See this [B][U]site[/U][/B]:


I would go for a Samsung SH-S202 or 203. They have been replaced by newer models now but you should still be able to find them. They don’t cache audio data (so secure extraction is quicker), seem to support C2 error reporting reliably and are very good are reading CDs generally.

My second choice would be an Optiarc AD-7200 series. Lite-On drives cache audio data which makes secure extraction slower. But when I used to use a Sony DW-G120 (rebadged Lite-On) I found that using FUA to clear the cache worked reliably with both EAC & dBpowerAMP 12.

Of course if you really want the best, and are prepared to pay for it, then look for a Plextor Premium 2.

Arachne, have you ever used CacheExplorer to test FUA support on your Lite-On?



Arachne, have you ever used CacheExplorer to test FUA support on your Lite-On?[/QUOTE]

Nope…might give it a whizz when my LiteOn has a new home (it’s currently uninstalled, in favour of my BenQ 1640@EW164B).:slight_smile:

Regarding Optiarcs (or some older NEC drives)…I find they’re nice and fast etc, but the discs have to be in very good nick.


I was going to open a thread on this exact issue.
I am also looking for the best CD/DVD ripper.
Is Samsung’s SH203 is still the best one there is?


I mainly use my LiteOn drives to rip CDs, they read most scratched or damaged CDs, however these drives cache audio so it’s going to take a bit more time than drives that not cache audio.

Regarding Optiarcs, mine the AD-7200S, does not cache audio, but if your disc is damaged or scratched, this is not a good option as Arachne said.

My Samsung drive, SH-W162D, does not cache audio and is generally good for reading damaged CDs, but this drive is not in my main computer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great thread. I’m now trying to rip all of my 600 or so CDs using only 2 drives. I have a Sony drive and a Pioneer 116 something. Both were supposed to be some of the best drives as of about 2 years ago. I have found that the Pioneer is MUCH faster than the Sony, which I like, but I am, of course, concerned about quality. I am an audio nerd and want the tracks to be perfect, but I don’t know enough about ripping and testing, etc. Plus, I just don’t have the time to test, considering how many disks I have to go through. I am considering switching out the Sony with a Samsung. Would the Samsung be faster?

Also, as an aside, is there any way to rent a CD drive tower? At the current pace it’s going to take me many many months to burn all of these. If someone could tell me the most accurate drive, it may be worth it to me to buy a tower and install 5 or 10 of them and then sell them when I’m done and in a tower type setup, speed would be somewhat less important.

Any suggestions to all of the ramblings above would be GREATLY appreciated.


Correction, the Pioneer is a 110, not a 116.


And your Sony?


The Sony appears to be a DVD RW DW-Q30A.


AFAIK, that’s a rebadged LiteOn 1635S.

I had two 1635S’s, great readers/rippers. If you’re not experiencing any ripping problems with the Sony, I’d go ahead and use that.

And maybe crossflash with the appropriate LiteOn firmware if you choose. :slight_smile:


Hmm. Thanks! Should I be worried that it burns MUCH more slowly than the Pioneer? The Pioneer takes about 2 - 3 min per disk and the Sony takes more like 10.

Does the Sony use Cashing? And if so, should I disable for ripping - and… if so… how?