Best DVD drive for DAE?

I burn a lot of audio CDRs, and I’d like to hear your recommendations for the best IDE DVD-ROM/burner drive pair. Right now, I’m considering the Lite-On 48X burner and the Toshiba 16X DVD drive. I want the best DAE performance available in a DVD-ROM drive. Any information/recommendations are appreciated in advance!

My choise is the Lite-On drive.
A roundup wich included the Lite-On:


Thanks for the link to the informative article!

Are there IDE CDROMs that perform DAE better than any DVD drives these days? I don’t have to get a DVD drive, but I figured the extra functionality would be welcome if I could still get excellent DAE performance.

Acording to this article

the best IDE CDROMs for DAE are the Kenwoods, specially the model TrueX 72x, but it seems to have some problems.
I still think the best is the LiteOn.

Man don’t even think about touching those Kenwoods! :eek: I’ve known several peeople who have owned them and they all got chucked in the bin, they really were that bad.

As you have seen from CDSpeed that leaves the LiteOn Ltd-163 as the clear leader in the DAE stakes. However, I have both this and a LiteOn 52-6 CD-Rom drive and find the 52-6 a great reader, almost as good as the DVD for most things in fact. They are only about £20 (UK) too which makes them an absolute bargain.

13 pound 51p from