Best DVD DL Burner



Hi Folks,

I’m hope I’m not going to get flamed too badly, but I’d like to buy a kick-ass burner for DVDFAB. What brand would you guys suggest.

I apologize in advance that I haven’t read through all the posts here but I’m kind of in a jam - need to get a new Burner (old one just died) and I need to move quickly.

The last one I bought is ages ago and I’m sure the technology has advanced ten-fold since then. I’ve read LG can burn almost anything and are very good.

Just looking for a quick suggestion (or link to a post) so I can fast track this purchase.

I promise to do my own research better in the future. Anyone care to help me out?


Short Answer:

Pioneer DVR-116/216
Optiarc AD-7200A/S

Those are the best burners quality-wise.
Samsungs are better readers though.


Thank you for your quick response. (Danke für deine schnelle Antwort!):slight_smile:

I’m sourcing the drive(s) now.

Again, Thanks.


If you’re searching for the AD-7200A/S you can instead also take one of the following if it’s easier to find these drives:
AD-5200A/S (no DVD-RAM support)
AD-7201A/S (includes Lightscribe)
AD-7203A/S (includes Labelflash)