Best DVD-DiVX player on the market?

Hi all.

I have had a DP-500 for 2 years already and it has served me very well, but lately some of my latest movies are unplayable on it. The majority of movies that I have tested it with lately are XvID sceene releases from verified good sources (not crappy Kazaa or something like that).

I am thinking in replacing my KISS player and I am wondering what can you recommend me. I am searching for a player with very good compatibility, QPEL and the other extra things like packed bitstream, etc capable. I use mainly XvID and DiVX but WMV capable can be a nice addition. I don’t need Nero Digital but I would like to get something with good future support by the internet community, the KISS was a popular player on the net.

Excelent subtitle support is VERY IMPORTANT for me. I like that it can read subs if the movie is an stand alone MPEG file, not like the KISS that cannot do this, and subs in “.idx + .sub” format too, this format is very popular and the KISS cannot read it.

Basically: Which DVD player would you buy today? Or is it better to buy a nice console like PS3 or Xbox 360 for having FULL compatibility. Of course the PS3 is not even out and the 360 is still young and I don’t think that it has been enabled to play everything like the old X-BOX (this one is not an option).

Thank you very much! Your input is greatly appreciated.