Best dvd disc pound for pound

ey yall, may i ask what is the best disc pound for pound? I hear ridata is good plus the printables come out nice.

Also, wat do the silver glossy dvd discs come out like when printed on?

thanks in adnvance!

Plenty of topics around here that cover it. Each person seems to have their own preference but overall the consensus is that Taiyo Yuden are the most consistant for quality, durability and compatibility. If you live in the US, their value line are actually cheaper than Ritek.

Jesterrace speaks the truth.

thanks for the replies

“Taiyo Yuden” isn’t available where i reside, I’ve been looking around and i’m confused. Is Ridata a model of discs made by ritek??? Ridata discs aint that expensive down here

Oh btw, i’m asking this because i’ve used more then 50 princos, and i hear that they all wont be readable after a while…What’s the best brand for movies? I hear Ridata is good, and theyve got glossy tops which look awesome when printed on

so yeah, best for movies?

thanks in advance

If you cannot find TY, MCC(verbatim) is also good choice.

Ritek(Ridata) has some durability problems and your data cannot be safe within 12 months.

Well im not sure bout this, but isnt “ridata” made under several different brands?

ridata = Ritek

Gheto is correct, RiData is a branded Ritek disc. RiDisc on the other hand is not. I have used RiDisc and Ridata for a while now, and have no problems with the discs being readable. I don’t like the print on those silver printable discs, I prefer white.

Ritek has had a lot of problems with variability in quality. G04s were the worst but now G05s and R03s are also very different in burn quality from batch to batch. Most of these problems are in EU but can show up anywhere.

Where are you located. You can get value TY for dirt cheap if you live in the US.

$32 per 100 pack of 4x TY DVD-R discs. Enter in the following code: xpbargains10 and you will get an extra 10% off. So $28.80 shipped for 100 4x TY DVD-R. I’ve looked around and you will be hard pressed to find 4x or 8x Ritek DVD-R for anything less than that.

I’m from Australia, Melbourne to be precise. However, i can’t buy anything online. I get my stuff from this computer market, really shifty. They garanteed these “Sidney” discs would burn perfectly and look awesome printed on, but when i printed on them it took ages to dry and looked all blotchy. I’d really like a disc that does both, good “kinda glossy” finish, that will be safe to keep important data on it.

I mite add that price isn’t a factor, i basically want the closest i can get to an original dvd film as possible.

Well if price is not an issue go for TYs. If not available in your local shops go online. I can’t get TYs where I am nor can I shop oonline so I use RiTek which have never caused me a problem.

Media wont improve the quality of a film :confused:

Good media will play the film flawlessly but wont improve on the quality of said film after you’ve either ripped it and straight copied or shrunk to fit on a single layer dvdr :wink:

If price isn’t a factor, why not wait a year or two
Then buy the original dvd film, dvdr tends not to last very long.
I find originals to be very good prices a couple of years after first released.
Just had Alien Quadrilogy 9 disk set for £15, Straw Dogs £3 (inc delivery)

Just wait

But it will last longer

But it may last longer

Then again !

But they never asked that? they wanted to as i see it make a dvd9 with a dvd5 and lose no quality :confused: