Best DVD creator software?

Hi, I have mini dv tapes that i want to convert to dvds. i am going to connect my camcorder to the tv and use a dvd recorder with no hard drive to burn it onto a dvd-rw, transfer it to my computer, where i will make scenes and a menu. I also don’t want any loss in quality.

Can any of you recommend a good software that will do this? doesn’t have to be free

If you have a FireWire port on your PC you’re better off to transfer the tapes directly to the PC as DV in an AVI container. Then use one of the free (DVD Flick, FAVC, AVStoDVD, etc.) DVD authoring programs. This would also allow the use of a simple editing program like AVIDeMux or VirtualDub to trim the captures up if you wanted. If you already transferred them to a DVD-RW you can use DVD Flick or DVD Styler to create menus and chapters, IIRC.

thanks for that, but i did exactly what you said about 2 months ago and i lost a lot of quality from the original when using windows movie maker. so i was thinking about using a dvd-rw to place on my computer and edit from there