Best dvd copying software walk through

I know you re all sick of new posters asking stupid questions but i really need help i currently use dvd decrypter and clone dvd 2 to back up my dvds but i m finding that dvd decrypter has been able to work on the newer films less and less so i down loaded dvdxcopy platinum which i can t get to work properly at all can some one tell me/ walk me through fool proof dvd copying

please i m so stuck i need help

if you already have CloneDVD2 why not just get AnyDVD from Slysoft? That combination will work on any movie currently out there. AnyDVD works totally on the fly so you don’t have to do the initial rip to get CloneDVD2 to work.

You can also still use DVDDecrypter still!!! You can create or download PSL files - search on the forums to see how - I tried it once, it did work - but I found it hard work - I paid for AnyDVD and it is so well supported I would recommend it.

You could also download DVD Fab - which works like DVD Decrypter, not as many options and not updated quite as often as AnyDVD - but it is free!!!

Check out or is it .org now? I always thought those reviews were exellent and found the stuff on DVD decryptor and DVD shrink very useful.

Spin on your head until you get eternal enlightenment. Just J/k Yep Pres-sean is right is a good place to start.