Best dvd copying program



What is the best program to copy and shrink dvds to get them to fit onto a normal dvd and still have really good graphics and quality?


Do a search of this forum . I use anydvd and clonedvd2 to back up dvds. There are some free programs like dvd shrink and decrypter. If you do a search you can get alot of info.


about 75% of cdfreaks is devoted to this in one way or another. such a broad question cannot be answered in a single thread.

there are so many different programs because different people have different needs and preferences.

I suggest you do a little searching and then if you have more specific questions by all means post them, but to ask a question this broad isn’t going to get you answers really.

i personally use mainly anydvd and clonedvd2 from but I also use dvd shrink, dvd decrypter, and ImgBurn for different tasks as well.


these are very good programs, i just started using xcopy9 as i got it at a show free for buyin 250 bux of other stuff, so it worked out good


I actually just recommended xcopy9 to another person. I also know a few others like one click dvd copy which is great but I like the xcopy9 a bit better. I tried the one click software at my friends house and it was fine but we all have our preferences. Have you tried any other software?


Agree 100%. I also use the programs mentioned by reasonsnotrules. :wink:


I was just given a beta of a yet to be named product for copying dvds and other uses for ipods,pda’s,psp,etc. the dvd copy part was fast, not perfect yet with every movie, but fast and easy, psp was great.

now the dilemna,they have little to no cash to do much with this product, looking for someone to brand it evidently but with so many products out there , not much interest. i told them to get a hold of a few of the senior members here and let them take it for a test drive and provide some honest and blunt feedback.

it really was fast, but it did hiccup on a few of the sony movies, but not all, so that was a bit puzzling.