Best DVD/CD reader

I have a LiteOn 451@832s writer. Which failed to read some dvd movies, which are a little bit scratched, dvd-movies which was read in another drive. And I want to buy a DVD-ROM to replace my cd-rom.

I don’t care about dvd-riping speed or general reading speed. An average read speed is enough.

My main requirements are:

  • reading compatibility(cd,dvd+,dvd-,dvd-rom)
  • to read bad disks/scratched; error correction;
    So I want the best dvd-rom reader in terms of reliability on reaading bad disks.

I read on this forum about Lite-on 166 and 167. But I don’t trust them, because I don’t understand how the 166 reader will read what 451S didn’ read.

Other solutions?!

HI!!! I have the same request…everyone talks about RIP speed…although important, not what I’m after…I too want THE BEST AND MOST FORGIVING READER…That is to say one which will read +R OR -R discs flawlessly… Is there any source to find out what DVD -Rom droves out there have the best error correction for dvd discs?

I just tried the dvds which are not read by Lite-On 451@832, in the cheapest DVD-ROM in my country market, a LG GDR-8162B. And all of them was read without problems.

So I guess my Lite-On has a particular problem. I will try to replace him with another drive.