Best DVD/CD Burner?

OK. After tearing my hair out trying to decide, I think I’ll just sit back and let someone else tell me what to do (please!)

I’m want to buy a DVD writer… so what’s the best in light of backing up copy protected games on cd while I am at it? Or do I really have to get a dedicated CDRW to do this. Surely there are DVD writers that are as good as the latest CDRW for getting past copy protections (although I know they can’t write CD’s as fast).

The LiteOn SOHW-1213S seemed a good drive…

I would buy a Liteon 812s for those purposes. Others may choose different.

OK. But it seems to me that the newer Liteon 1213S would be better. After all, isn’t it more or less an 812S that writes at 12x, an minus dual-layer DVD support?


I just prefer buying what’s proven and has had some time to mature, SpiderVenom. The 812s seems like a safer bet to me. Burning DL at 2.4x is not exactly high on my priority list either, so the added cost buys me nothing.

That said, I do own a Pioneer 107D, so what am I talking about? Heh, I may pick up this litey soon tho…