Best dvd burning/authoring program?

is dvdshrink the best burning/authoring software? thanks alot! :slight_smile:

i posted this in another forum then deleted it, sorry for the confusion!

oh, and it doesnt matter if its free or not, my mom wont care.

err, this IS the best/fastest way to do this, right?

be carefull all…you might just be contributing to the delequency of a minor on this one… :cop:

dvd shirnk in neither an authoring or burning program. It is probably best descibed as a compression program or re-authoring program. what are you specifically trying to do???


Oh, wasnt positive as to what its called. Just trying to backup/burn DVD’s.

i use dvd decryptor to rip, dvd shrink to compress/re-author and nero to burn (intergrates with dvdshrink). however i have recently discovered a freeware version of DVDFab that will allow me to easily split dl disks into 2 single layer disks and avoid compresion (their is a more robust pay version). I am partial to freeware on principle…i’m cheap. for a link to the freeware version see: