Best DVD burner



I have a copy of my PS2 game, ISO form on my harddrive. Whenever I try to copy it, and I play it in my PS2, the game doesn’t read well, it takes longer then it should, and sometimes it locks up.

I want to know, what is the most powerful DVD ISO burning software that I can get, so that it will make a flawless burn? I’m willing to wait a long time for the burn to complete too.

Let me know, thanks.


You must have a modchip to play backups. None of the burning software can make a physically back-up of a PS2-game.


That’s not my question you idiot


Even though you didn’t answer Anty127’s question, you gave me a clue. Thanks! I’ve wondered how to dup my XBOX discs? I bet I’d have to do the same? Unless, I’m wrong? I know one can do so for about $80 bucks or so, considering it, although I do know you can’t on on Live after doing so.


he was just tryin to help…don’t be a prick

and to answer your question…Alcohol 120%


Here is a link to to find Alchol 120%.

Sounds very cool! Thanks!

PS. Looks Alchol 52% is free and even though it is limited it may do the trick? Note: Careful, after looking closer, it sounds like it forces a toolbar and other junk.


So what’s so great about Alcohol 120% anyways? Just wondering. Is it actually “the best”?


it emulates the actual cd/dvd better…does an exact copy of what it’s reading/writing…more precise