Best dvd burner to compliment Pioneer 110D

I’ve got the above mentioned burner. I want to get another as the dvdrom I have I’m not happy with… as can be seen in another post around here. So, I want a burner that will compliment this one nicely. And most importantly it needs to be a good reader. The 110D is good, but not great. So, really, most important to me in this is its reading abilities.


Reading abilities? A nice new LiteOn. :slight_smile:

Bonus is, you get to quality scan, too!

Suppose I could go that route. I’ve got an old 832s that I can use to do scans if I really need to, but it can be difficult as I have given it to the person I live with and can’t just use it whenever i feel the need now. With that one I’d be back to only burning +r’s in it… unless LiteOn have fixed up their problem with that. Doesn’t really matter though as the 110 burns -r just fine.

Can’t speak for the latest model LiteOns, but with the newest test firmware, my LiteOn 1635Ss burn -R just fine - burned a ton of them over the last week. :slight_smile:

Cool. I’m sure the later model ones go good with them now then. I’ll buy a LiteOn then. Now to do the research and figure out which one…

If your after a DVD-ROM, this should still be available, [B]ASUS DVD-E616A[/B]

Review here:

Otherwise, a Lite-ON is probably the safest choice as a reader if you want another burner. BenQs are pretty good for that aswell.

In my experience, my BenQ DW1655 is the pickiest DVD reader of all my drives.

As a burner the BenQ is at the top of the heap, and it’s also a fast reader for unproblematic discs, but don’t buy a BenQ because you want an excellent reading device for problematic discs.

LiteOn drives are generally very good readers. There will always be some discs that can be read in one drive and not another, and no drive is best for all discs.

I thought about another ROM, but the consensus seems to be to just bypass those and go for another burner now.

True :slight_smile:

My pickiest reader is probably either of my LGs. Unless it’s good stuff, forget it :bigsmile:

True. Still, I know from what I’ve read LiteOn seem to be known as the best dvd readers… I think I’d probably be pretty satisfied with the lastest LiteOn as well as my 110D.

Hmmm, if most of the media you will be reading is of the recordable type, rather than pressed discs, a DVD burner is probably a better choice, though I’m personally a fan of DVD-ROM drives.

Yeah, most will be of the recordable type. The LiteOn SHM-165P6S looks like a good choice.

I just got this one with a 2 at the end so far so good. :iagree:

I also like how it looks, and it’s pretty quiet for viewing movies for a fast ripper. Fast as far as i’m concerned coming from an NEC 3520aw modded to this. I’m using an NEC 3550a stock for burning now. I still got my 3520 in a bay incase I want to hook it back up.