Best Dvd burner + Software

So what are your opinions on the best dvd and dvd burning software.

I have always used Nero in the past for most things. I want to upgrade

If you’re looking for decrypting software and something that will do it all, my personal favorite is Fab Platinum.
I’ve also have AnyDVD by SlySoft and it is an excellent decrypter. I don’t own the other SS products that would complete the package, but users say that they are excellent too.

Tougher call on the burners as there a lot of good burners out there…depends on your needs and what you’re burning.
Love my Benq 1655 (2 of 'em) and my Samsung 203B, superb ODD, but one drawback is no firmware support from samsung for bitsetting, you can get around this though. I also own 8 Liteon drives…some retired, but all still working. All of 'em have been reliable drives. Personally, I have never gone wrong with a litey. My current liteys are an LH 20A1S and a 165H6S…:wink:

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You’ll get a lot of suggestions I guess.
It depends on what you want.
All in one like DVDFab Platinum.
Combo’s like AnyDVD + CloneDVD2, AnyDVD + 1Click Pro, AnyDVD + DirectneXtCopy.
You don’t even need to spend (although donations should be forthcoming).
DVDFab Decryptor + Shrink + ImgBurn.
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Samsung SH-S203 (B)(N)etc SATA.
LG GSA-H62(L)(N)etc SATA.
Pioneer DVR 112/115 IDE.
If scanning is important then a Lite-On may be suitable. LH-20A1(A)(S). A= IDE. S =SATA.