Best DVD Burner out Today ?!

I have been comparison shopping for the past week or so and reading reviews on CDFreaks and and have gone nuts. I cant decide which option to go with under $150. I have a HP 4x internal and need to upgrade to an external. I have been thinking of getting one of the following:

  • Lacie D2 Firewire/USB w/ Lightscribe
  • HP 740e
  • LiteOn 16something w/Lightscribe
  • Pioneer DVR-110D

First of all which is the most reliable 16x external DVD burner out today? Secondly, same question with Lightscribe?

Should I even get Lightscribe, because the media is prett expensive and it doesn’t seem that settled yet. So many HP guys saying their Lightscribe thing dies within weeks.

Please help folks, I need to buy one in the next few days. Thanks.

Steer clear of the HPs, limited options and they tend to be more expensive. Honestly, I don’t care much for external burners as they have a tendency for more errors and an early death. IMHO I would purchase an internal burner and then get a USB/Firewire case for it. It will be a little bit cheaper and a little more trouble free once you get it set up.

Jesterrace - That’s what it sounds like, HPs I want to avoid.

Which burner and case would you recommend? I am still stuck at that point. :slight_smile:

The NECs are still going strong, so a late model NEC would be good. The Benq 1655 has also recieved great reviews (I believe it also supports lightscribe). The late model LG is also considered the fastest burner out there. I guess it really depends on what you plan on using your burner for? (ie DVD movie backups, data, videogame console backups, error rate scanning?).

BenQ 1655 is high in the running as one of the best drives available today, and it even does LightScribe.

Hey tehGrue, but what about all other forum posts saying the scans of 1655 are only ok?


:slight_smile: Maybe i misread them, let me find some and post them here.

they are pretty good for the first firmware. they will get better over time