Best DVD burner(I have specifics)

What I do:
1 Watch a ton of dvds
2 Burn a lot of DVDs(30 a month easy)
3 is equal at burning and reading regular CDs
4 I hate waiting 10 seconds for discs to load, drives me NUTS
I don’t know what bitsetting is, so I guess I don’t need it.
overburning etc. is not very important to me. I also don’t care about price.

I bought a Plextor 716-SA and it basically crapped the bed and is taking forever to burn now. I don’t care if this is SATA or not.

Thanks! If you need more info I can offer it.

Benq 1650 , Pioneer 111D or any of the latest Liteons would be good choices. Not so sure about the load times of these as I don’t pay much attention to that.

You’ll note that everyone here has their own favourites but I can’t see many having issue with what I’ve suggested.