Best DVD Burner for Scratched Discs?

Hi, I currently have a BenQ1655 but it doesn’t really read scratched media that well. What are some current DVD burners that do read scratched media well? I don’t really care if it doesn’t write media well, just need something that is good at reading. From what I’ve searched, the Lite-On drives are recommended? What about NEC? If possible could anyone post the top 3 current choices for DVD burners that read scratched discs well? Thanks.


NEC aren’t known to be good readers.
Recent Samsungs are very good readers, sometimes better than Liteons.


Either Samsung or LiteOn :iagree:

My NEC (4551) isn’t a terrific reader.

Is their a specific model recommended for the Lite-On or Samsung models? Actually I just went to check out Newegg and these are the models I’m looking at. Should I bother with SATA drives at all? From what I’ve gathered, it doesn’t seem recommended yet to buy SATA drives? Has that currently changed? If anyone thinks some other model not listed below is better, please say so. Thanks again.







I don’t know how the very latest (18 and 20x) LiteOns are for reading, but my 165P6S is good. The Samsung I’d recommend is the SH-S182D. :slight_smile:

I find the Sam S183L does a very decent job reading; my LiteOn SH167AS has a problem reading when used with the latest Recode but reads nicely otherwise.

Personally I don’t intend to buy any more PATA drives. I have the SATA Liteon 16a7 and it’s working fine. The SATA cables are much better than those damned ribbon cables.

I have mine plugged in to a Rosewill PCI to SATA board that uses the SiI 3114 chip. Works great. The only thing I can’t do with it is install XP, for some strange reason. I guess I could do that if I wanted to use a damned floppy. But I have other means that don’t involve floppy drives and those damned ribbon cables :slight_smile:

I finally got around to buying and ended up with the SH-S182D. I would have gotten a 165P6S but it wasn’t listed on NewEgg and the lightscribe version was sold out.

The reason I waited so long to buy was because I was waiting for the SATA Lite-On drives to come in stock but they never did. I know SATA doesn’t really have much of a difference in speed currently but I was planning on building a new system when Core2Duo chips fall in prices in March/April and the motherboards (965P I think) I was looking at had issues with IDE.

Anyways thanks for all your help.

What’s your experience with the SH-S182D so far? How does it burn? I also have BenQ DW1655 and
it would be nice to get a comparison. DW1655 read all the discs I put in it so far.


It’s still being shipped from Newegg, not sure when it’ll arrive but I’ll post some burn scans when it gets here.

I finally got around to burning some discs. They are all MCC 004 discs as I had no others on hand. I burn one disc using Benq 1655 at 12x, one disc using S182D at 12x, and one disc using S182D at 18x. All three discs were 16x +R rated media. I scanned them at 8x and 4x using the 1655 and at 4x only with the S182D since it wouldn’t read at 8x. If you right click and check the properties of the image, it’ll tell you what speed it was read at and also the write speed.