Best DVD burner for quality suggestions please




I previously have owned a Sony Optiarc AD-7240s.

I am now in need to purchase some new drives.

I have been reading the forum over and over and cannot decide what is the current best DVD burner for quality which is new and in stock.

Price is not an issue… I just need the drive for DVD burning with 100% quality.

Please don’t suggest old drives which are discontinued and a pain to get hold of.

All suggestions welcome.

Thank you,
Charlie :slight_smile:


I’m also after a new DVD burner, one that supports Dual Layer burning. I’ve narrowed down my search to two models a Pioneer DVR-220BK and Samsung SH224BB/RSMS, I just can’t pick one between them now both are under £20.


Hi DiNZi,

In the end I decided to go to Pc World and pick up every drive they had to see what was best and return the rubbish ones.

I picked up a SH224BB/RSMS & IHAS524 D.

Unfortunately neither of the drives seem to be having very good scans, I’m going to try new media tomorrow, the Pioneer DVR-220BK might be worth a shot, if the scan’s don’t improve with new media I will be returning both and purchasing Pioneer DVR-220BK.

Hope this helps you.



Hey Creedce,

Wow, really? Pioneer are usually quite reliable, I would consider checking that one out but I also thought the Samsung SH224BB/RSMS would be equally as good, quite surprised at that.

I was considering changing my drive because of multiple failed burns to Sony dual layer discs on a Optiarc AD-7200S drive, where my brother’s machine it burns fine. I’ve been suggested to upgrade firmware and try. I’ve upgraded the firmware just need to get some of the same Sony media to try and burn now to see if this has fixed it.


DiNZi, what model and how old is your brothers drive ??


[QUOTE=kiss4afrog;2679215]DiNZi, what model and how old is your brothers drive ??[/QUOTE]

It’s a pretty roughed up drive, I was surprised that my Optiarc didn’t burn it at first and I tried first time on his drive ‘PBDS DVD ± HD-16W1S’ and it worked straight away using IMGBurn at x2.4