Best dvd burner for making xbox 360 backups

I want to get a dvd (dl) burner/reader that would be capable or reading and burning original xbox 360 games/dvd-r DL discs.
Preferably one that i could just connect to my cpu easily(because im not that good with all this connecting stuff:P) and just stick in the disc, open XBC click complete backup and let it make a backup iso/.dvd for me…
That would be my preferred option…

If fgor some reason that is not possible:sad: then a drive that would be very good with the hotswap method where you open it… (for this method i would like a external drive thats easy to access the laser unit):agree:

I would prefer eBay…im sorta limited there for online buying…:frowning:
price range of $1-$50 a little over if its reallyyy necessary…:iagree:

Thanks in advance.

The drive you want is the Samsung SH-D162C.

Oh, you still need a burner by the way. I’ve been using a Samsung SH-S223f or my Lite-On LH-20A1S.