Best DVD burner for cheapest media

I want to buy a burner that will burn the cheapest media ( Noname,Princo, Smartbuy, Ritek…). I want to burn this media on speed that will not exceed X8. It must be X16 single layer and 4X DL burner ( for future use).
So please recomend me the burner that is best for burning low quality media.
I read some reviews about DVD burners and NEC 3500 looks like a best burner for this type of media. Am I wrong?

Use many different DVD burners and burn multiple disks for each source files at once.

I own a Nec 3500, a Benq 1620, a Liteon 1213@1633, a Nec 2500, a Liteon 832, and a Pioneer 106. Least I forget, I also used to own a Pioneer 108. I buy some good media, and a lot of the cheapest media known to man. Out of all the above drives, the Nec 2500 is far and away the best with the cheapest media.

Thank you, HenryNettles.

Well actually, I have the 2510a and have used sonic dvd-r, sonic dvd+r, ritek dvd+r 4x (jpnr01 . . . something like that), ritek dvd-r 8x (G05), and Taiyo Yuden dvd-r 8x. I have encountered coasters and pixelating on ALL media EXCEPT for the TY. Not only that, but TY disks are the only ones that have worked flawlessly for my ps2 backups. It’s definitly worth paying the extra money to go for TY from (@ $48 for 100). If you backing up movies or data, I’d only recommend TY or Ritek 4x dvd+r (for the price / value - $39 @ w/ shipping). I have to say though, I have had significantly less trouble backing up movies with the sonic dvd-r 4x than Ritek dvd-r 8x (never had a problem with Ritek dvd+r as long as its jpnr01). I will never again purchase anything other than TY again. I have wasted more money trying out different media when I could have used it towards the trusty :bow: TY!

If you’re not going to burn faster than 8x, why do you need a 16x burner?

I think you should avoid cheap media - it is the media that is most likely to fail, and why would you burn something if you don’t want to keep it? - but of the media you listed, I like Ritek the best. 4x Ritek media (with the RICOHJPN code) is awesome and will burn at 8x. I have a bunch of it…

As for burning, I have two old 8x burners, one a Cyberdrive DX082D, which burns exceptionally, and a BenQ DW800a, which burns very well but not as well as the Cyberdrive, but it does quality scans and the Cyberdrive doesn’t. So I keep both. :slight_smile: If you insist on a 16x burner that can burn dual layer media, you should get the BenQ DW1620a as it is the cheapest exceptional quality burner you can get. Flashing the firmware to the latest version will give you a 16-4-16 burner with 4x DL capability.

I own a philips dvdr 1640p and it writes excelent ritek g04 dvd-r 4x for use on xbox…

I agree that the NEC ND-2500A kicks @$$ for burning cheapie media.
But of course this is only an 8X max writer.
After that I might suggest the BenQ 1620A, as this has done very well with some lower quality discs that I have.

I will point out that the BenQ 1620 Hates the really really cheap media. It refuses to burn any AN31 or fake TY discs without either a write error or unreadable discs.

I have a PX716 on order to arrive Monday & will post back the results on some really cheap media then.

Before anyone asks, I also have some real TY / MMC & CMC media I use for my backups. I aquired the cheap stuff, cheaply :wink: