Best DVD-Burner for Audio Quality



I really don’t burn too many DVD’s, but it seems silly to buy anything but a DVD burner these days. I started out with a 8x Sony, then moved to a Plextor 755 for a week, and I just returned my Samsung SH-183L. (I was having drive read problems with the sammy and the plextor, long story.)

Anyways, I’ve now got to replace the drive yet again, and I believe I’m going back to IDE, unless there are known problems with the SATA plextor and samsung intel 945 boards. If so, I’ll just go with another brand.

My main concern is audio quality though. I’ve got about 600 cds i’m getting ready to re-import, and I really want to make sure I get a clean and fast rip. (I’m using Itunes, can anyone suggest something better?) So I need to make sure the drive above all else will not skip or give me poor reads.

Thanks for all your help.



For ripping, it’s hard to beat the Samsung burners. They are among the slowest rippers, but they will rip discs that other drives can’t read at all. They are also reasonably good burners, too, if you actually ever burn something on it.