Best DVD Burner for archival burns?

My twin Samsung SH-S202N’s are starting to show their age.

I need to replace them but unlike in the past, it seems from reading the posts here that there’s no longer any clear great choice for DVD burners, at least ones that are currently on the market (Newegg, Amazon, etc.)

I rarely do any ripping and my prime concern is reliability and solid burns good enough for long-term archival storage.

(I’ve always used Verbatim AZOs, but will be getting Taiyo Yudens DVD+R for archiving, likely the white inkjet printable ones.)

Secondary consideration: burning audio CDs (lectures) for distribution (haven’t done this before and am not really up to speed about whether there’s any issues anymore with burned CDs playing properly on most CD players and drives.)

And if my best bet is to flash particular firmware, that’s cool. I’ve done that sort of thing with BIOS and routers, just never with a burner before (never had a compelling reason to.)

Any and all advice and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

If you are looking for current drives on either Newegg or Amazon, I would suggest the Optiarc AD-5280S-CB-PLUS since they’re rather decent burners for both CD and DVD. Otherwise, there are Optiarc AD-7200S drives on e B a y as used.