Best DVD Burner Feb 2007


what is the best all round dvd burner available on the market in Feb 2007

(Thought that this could be a monthly or bi-monthly thread, so that us noobs can keep up with the market)

Thanks in advance :clap:

BTW, if you know, can you post whether it is a 1 or 2 sheep burner

Best all around? It’s all about priorities you know, do you need lightscribe, do you want it with a sata connection, do you want 20x etc :smiley:

I just bought a Sammy 183 because I wanted SATA, and it’s very nice. LiteOn’s 20A1 is also very nice, some say the Pioneer 112 is very nice and so on :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply,

I was looking at the LH-20A1H or LH-20A1P (what is the difference?!?!?!?)

EDIT: I think the 20A1H has lightscribe and the 20A1P doesn’t (is that the only difference?)

I am looking for quiet drives, which are good at burning and can read CDs/DVDs quite well. possibly the ability to backup my dvd collection

Burning speed, as fast as possible without producing a coaster and lightscribe…well…how useful is this anyway?

I have always used Liteon drives, but the current one that I have started to get really noisy and doesn’t read its own burns anymore!

Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks!

After spending way too much time on this forum, I deducted my needs/desires were best met with the Pioneer 111D. If you dig deeper into the Pioneer/Asus sub forum, you will find out about cross-flashing it to a 111L giving you bitsetting capabilities. It’s a very sound burner and FAST. What makes it advisable AT THE MOMENT is the price, $28.99 w/Free ship at Newegg. I’ve since bought two more since my original purchse, one for a backup or addititional computer and for my nephew’s birthday. FWIW.