Best DVD Burn Software for AnyDVD

What are the DVD burning programs, besides CloneDVD, that are most compatible with AnyDVD–Free & Commercial??

Thank You


clonedvd2 is all i’ve used with anydvd to back up dvds. i’m happy with it.

With AnyDVD, I’ve used CloneDVD2 more than anything else (although you said besides that ;))…often DVD Shrink works with it too, but I had a couple of discs that when backed up had a few structural problems when using Shrink.

This was with earlier versions of AnyDVD though, not later ones.

But since DVD Shrink is free, you’ve nothing to lose by trying the two together :wink:

Nero Recode is another one that people sometimes use with AnyDVD.

If you have AnyDVD fired up and running in the background, I think you could use DVD Decrypter in ISO read mode to copy your original DVD.

Then use ImgBurn to write that ISO to a blank DVD.

I use AnyDVD with DVDShrink and burn with Nero. 300+ burns and only 1 coaster thus far.

I agree this is a good combination.


As you can see below - I am using AnyDVD and DVDFab Gold - excellent combination - most movies are complete in 15-20 minutes - rip and burned on T02-eh!