Best DVD Blank currently

Hi there, i’m new to this forum. Can you please help me, i’m confused which DVD blanks i should buy. You hear so much different opinions. I think you guys got much more experience, so which product do you reccommend for archival use?

Thanks in advance, Werkstatt

Welcome to the forums Werkstatt.

I use Taiyo Yuden 8x +R discs for my most important backups. They have been around a long time, have a proven track record and are well supported in the firmware of dvd burners.

But you should have more than one option for important, archival backups, so I would suggest also using hard drives, possibly external ones that are used only for this purpose.

You might also burn to a secondary type of disc, such as Verbatim AZO 16x media.

Thanks for your answer :wink: Yeah i thought about Taiyo and Verbatim. I heard just that Verbatim especially isn’t that good anymore what i read on Amazon and on other places in internet.

Hello. Although I’m new to this forum, I was scanning my first CD-Rs ages ago with ancient DOS tool from LiteOn. Can’t remember which tool it was but it measured C1/C2, beta and jitter long before KProbe and Plextor tools :slight_smile: It worked only with LiteOn drives.

Anyways, for archival I’m using Verbatim archival grade DVD-R media. I had some burns 4-5 years old that read flawlessly even today all of them. Very expensive discs, but family memories are priceless. Also using Verbatim HardCoat in car stereo or for purposes where disc might get abused.

I might give a try to DVD+M M-DISC as soon as I buy LG Blu-Ray burner that supports them.