Best DVD binders? Need Recommendations



Right now I’m looking at the Case Logic DVD binder but I’m still uncertain as it is pretty pricey…

Anyoen know where to get it for cheap? Or maybe a better binder?



Many people feel that binders of any kind are pretty bad for DVD’s, OK for CD’s in some instances.

DVD’s are very suseptable to problems from small scratches and warpage which can be induced by wallets.


Well i use the Datawrite carry case’s, think the ones i have are the 240 disc one’s there around £5 each i think. Each page has a cloth back.

I would use slimline cd case’s for my stuff but binders are my only reallistic option as case would take far too much room for the amount of discs i have.


I was thinking of getting new storage of my burned dvds too and aluminium cases looked like a good idea.

Each individual dvd is stored in that vertically.

Right now im using a 200 cd/dvd binder. Would the aluminium case be a good buy :confused:


The real question is: How important are your discs to you?


I have been very satisfied. They are sturdy, block light, and can’t induce warpage. I slid a bad burn in and out of a sleeve for over a 1000 times and could see no scratching under a magnifier. Watch for at $40 with free shipping.


Hm that’s interesting. I was thinking about Amaray cases but that looks very nice. Anyone else have any experience w/ aluminum cases and scans to back it up :)?


You want scans to back up case quality? :eek: There is only so much information you can get from a scan you know.

Look at my perfect scan below. Let me know if you can tell where it is stored. :wink:


Thanks for the reply :smiley: Sadly i cant order online. It is being sold at this store here:
Would it be safe to buy? Its right at the bottom of the page for :slight_smile:


The case you picture above is the exact same case I have been using for over a year. They are fine, just don’t let any grit get into the sleeves. That is a good price.


I think [B]jtardiou[/B] meant [I]re-scans[/I] of discs that have been stored in these for some time, to compare with the original scan…?


I know. :smiley:


Have you tried that chas? Are the results good? Are you saying your “perfect scan” was a DVD that was burned and stored into the Aluminum case for some time and then scanned?


The perfect scan was just after it was burned. I could dig it out and re-scan but we lack a control as all my discs are stored this way. You would never know whether the inevitable deterioration was normal or because of the case.

I have never seen a scan from any disc stored in these cases that had gotten much worse than normal, EXCEPT all my Ritek G05s that deteriorated beyond readability. These were stored in Amway cases as well as these aluminum cases.

You can buy with no concern.


I’d really feel better if you posted a scan of a DVD that has been in that case for a while :slight_smile:

And maybe post a After-burn scan as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I use these aluminum cases for my original cds and this kind of cases for my backups. So far the quality discs are still looking good after 2-3 years. The Datawrite is (as their discs) not worthy imo. Much too tight. I always leave a number of sleeves empty to avoid any unnecessary pressure. Sleeves are the same in aluminium and the soft cases but i suppose a little less stress in the aluminium. I’d need a seperate building if i should keep my cds in jewel cases and dvds in dvd cases so it’s not an option :wink:


I use the same kind of case Sanctumus posted. No problems so far. :slight_smile:





my god…

this is a DVD stored in your Aluminum case? How can it be perfect? How long has it been in there? I’m in awe…


Hmmm - a new one? PI 6 max is a bit scary imo. Just kidding - good one :clap: Burned with? :slight_smile: