Best dvd backup software - that gives best quality picture



what dvd backup software (with css and sony arcos encryption removal) will give best quality picture. The quality of picture is what i am looking for.
dvd shrink does not give a very good quality picture even with deep analysis.


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Im sure the mods will take care of it. Use dvd decrypter and dvd shrink. Those give excellent quality. You wont find that the dozens of other back up apps. are any better.
You could spend $1000 on a professional reauthoring program that takes forever to do 1 dvd, but the difference will be minimal.


Exactly…Nicely said. :iagree:


If you’re not happy with DVDShrink, split the disc into 2 dvd-5’s with DVDFab. That’s the only way you will truly be satisfied.


For better quality and easy operation, use DVDRebuilder. Read about it here.


I second Rebuilder with CCe, Procoder, or HC encoders.


here’s a virtually free and easy method…mine :wink:

KISS (keep it simple stupid) and split to 2 discs…media is cheap enough these days and there’s no compromising quality (plus less time waiting for a transcode/recode). i don’t mind switching discs (snack break) but others may. via both DVD Fab (freeware version) or Intervideo DVDCopy3 (pay) you can retain full menu functionality and all extras - dvdfab puts all extras on 1st disc whereas intervideo splits them evenly over both. use DVD43 (freeware) to strip protection on the fly (fastest method) or use DVD Decryptor to rip to ISO and mount that in a virtual (Nero Image Drive for me) then work from that protection free version.

using the resulting VIDEO_TS folders from either DVDFab or Intervideo, burn with NERO as DVD-Video (pay method) or take and extra step and use DVDShrink to create a new ISO from the and burn with Decryptor (free method).


I use DVD DECRYPTER & DVD REBUILDER which blows DVD SHRINK away as far as video quality.


can you give me a link - a guide which tells how to use dvd decrypter and ddvd rebuilder in conjunction. is there a guide on how to use dvdrebuilder? will i have to burn using dvd decrypter then?
how is the video quality when using anydvd and clonedvd2? how are these 2 programs video quality wise?


I gave you a link to the forum on dvdrebuilder. Dvddecrypter is just used to copy the dvd to hd and remove the protection, then dvdrebuilder comes in. How you burn the result is up to you.


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AnyDVD is a ripping program like DVD Decrypter. Some may argue the relative technical merits of the two, but they do not affect video quality. CloneDVD2 has the same general limitation as all transcoders: if you are compressing more than 5-10%, the quality just wont compare favorably to a true reencoder. In addition to CCE, I recommend taking a long look at Quenc and HC- both are free and are quickly closing the gap on the undisputed leader: CCE SP.


If you wan’t the absolute best quality you have to use dual layer media, split over two discs or backup the main movie only. Rebuilder with either CCE or QuEnc is the way to go if you want to keep everything, it’s the only thing that’ll produce significantly superior results to DVD Shrink. It’s pointless to compare transcoders like DVD Shrink and Clone DVD against each other because the difference (if there is any) will be completely insignificant. As has already been said programs like DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD make to difference to video quality.


so how should i use dvd rebuilder?
first decrypt it with dvd decrypter
then use dvd rebuilder to do what?
then burn with dvd decrypter?
can anyone tell me all this in an easy to understand way?
can dvd rebuilder allow me to keep the menu besides the main movie?


If you go to the site for dvdrebuilder and look through their information and read the help files that come with the program, you’ll see that it is fairly easy to use in its standard form. You just have to pick which encoder you want to use, where your dvd files are located, and where you want the output. It will do the rest. The installation program they have now comes with most everything you need, though you will have to install avisynth first. There is a link for avisynth there also.

I have to say that I don’t see a great deal of difference between the movies I’ve done with rebuilder and most I’ve backed up with Shrink. Of course, my tv is pretty small. There doesn’t appear to be any difference on my 19" computer screen. I’ve used Quenc on high quality (SLOW!) and CCE Basic as encoders.


Using DVDREBUILDER there is a big difference as far as video quality. DVD SHRINK transcodes while DVDREBUILDER uses actual video encoders like CCE. Just my 2 cents! :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


but i have to buy cce correct? does it come with the free dvd rebuilder?


you’d have to buy CCE. the Basic version can be purchased for $58.