Best DVD/AUDIO CD ripper out there?

Hey guys, as the topic states, I’m looking for a dvd-rom drive that you think is great for ripping dvd movies to the hard drive. I am currently using a lite-on dvd±RW drive to rip/decode/burn movies and rip audio cd’s. I seem to get a lot of read errors and jittery video, what is the best drive on the market for ripping?

It depends on who you ask. Mostly likely answer will be Plextor.

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any model someone can recommend? is the liteOn SOHD-167T/ XJHD-166S 16X DVD-ROM a good one?>

It’s very good, yes. Especially for the price. Plextor might be better, but carries a premium. Liteon makes good rippin’ drives for cheap.

any specific plextor?


I personally use the Lite-On 1693s burner as my primary reader/ripper to my NEC 3540-

Reads everything very well and also does a great job of quality scanning my burns-

For less than $40 - it is a bargain IMO


It’s really a hard question. My wife’s LiteOn combo drive (16x DVD-ROM, 52x CD burner) reads discs that no other drive will touch, but SUCKS at reading burnt CD’s.

Overall, liteon readers tend to be very good for ripping. That’s my recommendation, considering they’re like $20.