Best DVD and CD media for 3500?

Hey everyone,

Excuse this noob question. Just got my 3500AG recently and before I go out and buy some spindles I was hoping some with more experience can give me some advice. Which media tends to have the best burns? I need to buy some CD-Rs and either DVD+R or DVD-R (Haven’t decided which way to go yet, leaning toward the +R format). I hear Verbatim and Fuji are good?

Any links to some good deals on reliable media would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Fuji 8x+ made in japan (MIJ) are rebranded Taiyo Yuden (TY) and they rule all the way to 16x. You can usually get them on sale at Best Buy for .40 each. Verbatim are also excellent but they are much more expensive (even on sale). On the Verbatim look for made in singapore (MCC) or MIJ (TY or ricohjpn). Another good brand is Maxell MIJ. They also tend to be rather expensive but they can be occasionally picked up on sale at Office Depot for around .40 each.

As a general rule, MIJ equals quality media…

I like using R+ and setting the booktype to DVD-ROM for max compatibility. However, this requires hacked firmware. Also, out off the box the 3500 is a poor ripper. Again, this can be fixed with hacked firmware. Check out This will give you all the tools you need. If you don’t choose to use hacked firmware at least make sure to upgrade to the official 2.18 firmware with can be found on NEC’s website.

Finally a request… make sure that you read this before you do anything

I would recommend the NEC 2.18 (218btrpc1) firmware if you want to rip at higher speed and burn at 16X with the 8X Fuji/Taiyo Yuden DVD+R made in Japan media. Best Buy has 25 pack of Made in Japan 8X DVD+R Fuji media for $10. DO NOT buy made in Taiwan discs from Fuji.

with ty even stock 2.16 burns great at 16x…got to love that ty


I have two 3500’s and my experience (and many others in here) is that the 8x -R media from Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell all give very good burns-

I’ve had issues with +R’s with these burners - but not one coaster with the -R’s above-

Good vendors/prices= - and


I’ve never had issues with quality made in Japan +R/-R DVDs. Saw quite a few 4X DVD+R TDK discs manufactured by CMC mag. These are just okay made in Taiwan media.

Almost all made in Japan 8X DVD+R discs sold in the US are made by Taiyo Yuden or Maxell.

What about CD-R’s, I burned some GQ 52x 700Mb CD-R’s last night (with QV3ME) at only 16x, they easily do 32x on my 36x CD-RW drive. I have burned some 48x CD-R’s at 32x on the 3500a though.

Mind you, seeing how I bought spindle of 25 Maxell 002 DVD+R’s (they do 16x) for $10 at OfficeDepot, and a 50 pack of CD-Rs will cost at least $7, byte-for-byte, DVD+R’s are now much cheaper than CD-R’s!

[25 x 4300Mb = 107500Mb, which is about 153 x 700Mb, which would cost at least $21]

Thanks for all the help guys.

Few more questions…

How do you know where this media is made? I basically want to go online or into a store and buy good CDRs and DVD+Rs. Is Taiyo Yuden a brand or a disc maker? How do I know which DVD media is Taiyo Yuden? Or MIJ? Just not sure how to identify what you all are telling me about :slight_smile:

And if anyone knows of a good current deal I would appreciate that too.

Thanks for all the help! :bow:

Download DVDindentifier or DVDinfopro to check for disc code. MIJ is made in Japan…said so on the box. Taiyo Yuden is a vendor for TDK, SONY, MAXELL, FUJI and others.

If you see made in Japan 8X DVD+R Fujis, then these are most likely Taiyo Yudens. You can pick up a 25 pack of MIJ 8X DVD+R Fujis at Best Buy for $10 now.

There is a list of media codes/brands/reviews here:

Taiyo Yuden is a manufacturer, you will never see that name in stores, usually you will see names like Ridata/Fuji/Verbatim/Maxell and then you have to look up (on the above site or here, sometimes in customer reviews) what they actually are as far as media code goes.

Also, for some deals, keep an eye on (they usually have the Amazon, Meritline, OfficeDepot, CompUSA deals).

Didn’t there used to be a media deals thread on here somewhere?

What about CDRs? Good media that can write fast (48x would be nice). All I’m hearing is DVD stuff from you guys hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:


HE said it all. Listen to that its good advice. :iagree: :smiley:


Regarding CD-R’s - I am using TDK 48x (Ritek mid code) and they burn at 48x - but I usually back them off to 32x for a more reliable burn - you can also get the Taiyo Yuden 52x CD-R’s from for $26 + shipping - however they will only burn at 32x on the 3500’s (again - a good speed)-


if you look on the package it will tell you where they are made. this is why i like buying from an actual retail store…

re-read what i originally posted carfully and slowly. all the info you need to get started is there…

Thanks for all the help! :bigsmile:

I have two 3500’s and my experience (and many others in here) is that the 8x -R media from Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell all give very good burns-

Good to know!!! i got 2x50 pack of -r ritek 8x :smiley:

Yo Tiao Macaleh-

The Ritek 8x -R’s (G05 mid code) have given me 100’s of good burns without one coaster on both my 3500’s-

Happy Burnin’


What do you guys think of the Ritek Ridata DVD+R 8x that is on sale here:

Price/quality/burning speed potential?

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Yo thunda32-

Actually there is a better deal for better media-

Verbatim 8x -R - 100 cakebox for $30 shipped after $30 MIR here:

Now THAT is a good deal!!


Mike did find a great deal, but I dislike mail in rebates. They just take too long. At the end of 4 months, I get this rebate I have no idea where it came from. The ritek you chose can burn at 12x if you use liggy’s FW Ritek, but if you use the dee/liggy v2b6 it burns at 8x. NOt much of a difference except maybe a 2 mins and quality. I am using those at the moment and they are fine. 40cents a disk. I just got the fujifil as described by spryfly and I love it. 16x with high quality. The vertibrium that Mike found is excellent and the price is great, just that MIR pisses me off.