Best DVD _Rom_ Drive?



My Mother’s system has strictly a DVD Rom drive, with her it’s best to stick to the KISS principals and a burner would go to sheer waste in her system. Not to mention less headaches if she should get it into her head that she can burn her own discs, if you know what I mean? :smiley: Plus I use a ROM drive in my computer for backing up my new software (Rom to DVD-RW straight across) and the Sony DDU 1612s suck, both of them from day one have had slip issues when spinning up. So I want to get good solid reliable DVD Rom drives (PATA, the rare SATA ones I am told only convert the SATA interface to PATA internally.). What is a good solid reliable affordable make and model? Thanks!



<ping?> I guess this is a taboo subject, no one is offering an opinion, suggestion, or recommendation on it. :stuck_out_tongue:


No taboo… but perhaps just not in the best place on CD Freaks. It is frequently asked question, so probably worthwhile to do a search starting with this thread in the DVD & CD burners forum:

Meanwhile I’ll transfer this thread there in case anyone there wants to chip in :wink:


Opps! My apologies. As I had asked this before, on another forum dedicated to optical drives, and have been quite happy with my NEC 3540A burner. Now to replace these junky Sony drives, 40x cd and probably less than 16x dvd, but the slip issue is what’s making my teeth grit. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you.