Best dual layered media for the 832s?

Is it the ritek or the verbatim? isnt the verbatim good cause if it fails, verbatim replaces it?

Anyone know where to get these too?

Verbatim was better than Ritek but recently Verbatim has been producing terrible results on the first layer. I’d go for the Ritek at the moment.

You’ll need to tell us where you live before we can advise you on where you can get it. :wink:

lol i live in atlanta, ga

a new frys jus opened up if that should be a place

They would be worth a try but I’ll let somebody else help you with that, as I’m a few miles away from where you live. :wink:

C’mon C0deKing, it’s only a hop, skip and a slow boat from China from where you are…:stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. I’m glad I’m not using your travel agent. :bigsmile:

hhahaha yah, really where do u live (im not some wierd internet stalker guy, plus ur not a hot girl lol)

It’s below my avatar. :wink:

Codeking, so you’re in New Zealand? Me too, have big trouble sourcing media other than Princo, Verbatim & Imation in NZ. Where do you by yours? Best deal I’ve found so far is NZ$29 for 25 Princo DVD-R A-Grades.

Yes, it’s not good, Sony, Imation, Verbatim and plenty of other brands that are all RITEKR03 :Z. We seem to get the hardware soon enough, but not the media.

QMB sometimes has reasonably priced media but watch out for Ultran and Princo :Z. Ricoh and Sony media is ok and there’s nothing wrong with Imation +R. It’s pretty cheap on TradeMe. It’s not the best RICOHJPNR01 but it has very low PIFs and reasonable PIs. Someone told me Harvey Normans had TDK media but I don’t know what the pricing is like (probably terrible)…

Actually Harvey Normans sell 10 packs of Emtrac branded DVD-Rs and +Rs for NZ$17.99 (K-mart also have them on special at the moment for $16.99) and they actually come up as manufactured by Sony when you check them in the PC. I’ve had some great results from those.

Also sell Ritek at reasonable price but seem to run out of stock almost as soon as they get them in. They do sell some truely awful stuff branded as ‘Melody’ though.

That’s interesting. Can you please show me a KP scan of the Emtrac media, especially the +R media. What’s the media code?

OK I’m a bit of a Kprobe novice, when I said I’ve had good results what I mean is that the movies play back fine on all my DVD players and I can copy all files from the disc back to the HD. I’ve only purchased DVD-Rs so far, I’ve never had much luck with +Rs so I stay away from those.

Anyway, pls find attached.

What do you think?

The disc is not good…it should be unreadable at the end…

I’d suggest you upgrade to [thread=93944]KProbe v2.4.2[/thread] and make sure your read speed is set to 4x (not max), which is the cdfreaks standard for scans. Please show me the results with this configuration.