Hello, this is my first post here and would like memebers here to help me decidin in buying a new DVD-WRITER with DUAL-LAYER support.
What’s the best i can get at the moment?
I will be using the drive for:

  1. DVD-/+ R for data backup
  2. DVD Dual-Layer for movies
  3. CD-R for audio CDs (mp3 or wav)
  4. DVD ripping/copying (for games and movies).
    I want a very good drive.Money is no issue
    Thanks in advance

What about these drives?
Sony DRU-700A
LiteON SOHW-832S
BenQ DW1600A
NEC ND-2510A

All of them are DUAL-LAYER capable drives!
What is the best one from the above drives? I would go for Sony or LiteON.Maybe u know other drives

Just for your information, Sony DRU-700A is a rebadged Liteon SOHW-832S, so they are essentially the same drive (it is only exteriorly different). The Liteon is definitely cheaper, so if you have to choose between the two, go for the Liteon.

I have the 832S and I still am not able to find DL media yet here… they are quite at an early stage, so in my opinion it is difficult to make a comparison about them. I have also the NEC ND-2500A (the same as the 2510 but not DL, at least “officially” :wink: ). They both are great, the NEC is wonderful with some cheap media like Ritek, the 832S is also an excellent reader and let you make nice CD/DVD quality tests using programs like Kprobe or CDSpeed V3.

I don’t know the other drives, sorry!



Ok, thanks for the info.
What about Pioneer or Plextor? do they release DL drives?

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Well, Plextor seems not to be interested in producing DL drives for the moment, but I guess that they will make a DL drive in the future.

I don’t have Pioneer drives, but if you check in the Pioneer Forum you will see that the upcoming A08 is a DL drive.



why not just get a Liteon SOHW-812s and upgrade it to the 832s model using codeguys cross-flashing firmware.

note also that nec by default (not hacker) have dvd ripping locked at low speeds, while liteon by default rip dvd video at max speed.

I had the exact question, so I wrote to Plextor.
They responded to me and told me that they plan to have a DL Writer
before the end of the year.
It’s a catch 22: I would love to go purchase a
drive today, but because Plextor is supposed to have the “best” CD/DVD drives on the market, do I wait or do I give into impatience and settle? :confused:

actually Plextor’s drives are not as good as they used to be and are just overpriced now

I’ve been a Plextor user since my 4X Plextor SCSI CD Burner. I would consider myself a BIG fan of plextor. My last DVD Burner was a Plextor 708a. But I have “bailed” to Lite-On for right now. As cheap as the drives are, get the NEC or the Lite-On 832s and if anything… you can use it until the dual layer plextor comes out. Then you can ebay the NEC if you DO decide to go with the new DL Plextor. Food for thought :smiley: Good Luck.

I’d say definitely not anything Sony.

I’m currently looking at NEC ND3500A vs. Pioneer DVR-108, and am leaning towards the NEC, depending on release price (108 is already $97)

I know this thread is 6 years old, but rather than create a new thread for the same question I ask the same question about which IDE DVD/CD Dual Layer writer which would be the best at this moment in time 2010.

Also I am looking for advice on a normal DVD rom drive IDE dual layer, this is to replace my older Samsung DVD read only internal drive, the door opening for no reason due to age not viruses.

Check ebay, get a Plextor, Pioneer, Toshiba or Samsung…

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