Best dual layer capable software for DVR-108 FW 1.10

Its probably been asked before, but my dvd x copy platinum just went out the door, as it does not work with my dvr-108 fw version 1.10.

What software will work with this drive, and contains a ripper. (like dvdfab etc?

Whats everyone’s favorite and why since I’ve got to go drop some $$.

Rip with DVDDecrypter or SmartRipper, burn with Nero. Even though Nero’s burned DVDs are not fully compliant with the DVD-movie standard, they work pretty well for me.

I used copy2dvd 3 and it worked fine

the best software to use is rip with dvd shrink then burn back with roxio media 7 i would not use anything else i have tried nero and other programs but they are rubish compared to the above :slight_smile:

DVDDecrypter, CopyToDVD, DVDShrink (in combination with DVDDecrypter or a newer Nero version).

I like copying the dvd wo my hard drive using AnyDVD and then burn it with CloneDVD.

one thing that wasn’t clear…are these all dual layer compliant programs. I’ve got trial versions of older versions of a couple. However, I’m looking for a way to do dual layer as well as single layer.
Unforetunately my wife bought 25 1x/2x verbatim disks, ans right now all nero will burn at is 1x…slowwww.

unitl now I had used a dvr-107
xcopy platinum
vobrator to id the warning from xcopy
ifoedit to delete the warning playback,
then burn with Nero.

so I just need a dual; layer compliant ripper which will rip to the maximum allowable size for a DL disk. (And would also be backward compatible);as well as dual layer complant burning software.

Too back xcopy isn’t going to update their software to DL compliance, back when I got it it was expensive.


Can you expand a little on this statement ? I have been using Nero to make DVDs and while they have been working fine, I would like to understand how Nero deviates from the DVD movie standard. Thanks for your help.

the latest verion of DVD-Shrink is free and its Dual Layer selectable. Although for dual layer I am not sure why you would need to shrink the dvd in the first place?? Why not just rip it with DVD Decryptor and then burn it with Decryptor.

For dual layer to single layer conversion I would suggest you Rip it to harddrive with DVDdecryptor then Compress/Reauthor with DVD Shrink. Then burn to your single layer with Decryptor. Its burning engine is as good as any.

Hopefully someone can answer this…I want to get a dual layer burner cause I know I lose quality burning from dl to single layer. Could someone tell me the best dual layer burner to get and also the best media for it. And can I just use dvd decrypter to burn a dual layer dvd to a blank dual layer and retain all the quality? I dont know much about dual layer and have just been using xcopy express to burn all my dvds thus far. Thanks for the help.