Best DRM removal Software

Althought I suspect from the similiariry of their m,enu screens athat daniusoft and aimersoft are the same companies, can anyon recomend which of the software these tow compaies produce is the best for DRM removal. My main interest is to be abl eto make thode “bomnus digital copies” available on DVD to work in PSP


both softwares are not worth considering.
They advertise using spammer methods, and most if not all “products” that are advertised via spam are fraudulent, fake or (best case) poor quality.


So do you have any suggestions?

I think the MOD has responded correctly most if not all of those software are scams and littered with malware and spyware. So unless it comes from the source DRM free you shouldn’t trust so called DRM removal software unless there is substantial resources proving it free of malware or spyware.