Best drives with PIE/PIF scanning capability

Currently I have a BenQ 1650 and 1655. However, since these models as well as the 1640 are out of production, I was wondering what drives everyone recommends that do PIE/PIF scanning. This is a very important feature for me, and I know there are good drives out there but they dont allow scanning like the BenQ’s. Best Buy has the SATA LG GSA-H22L for $50 but I am pretty sure it doesnt allow quality scanning. Any recommendations?

Just about any Lite-On is a good scanner. I have an LH-20A1H and it scans PIEs roughly the same as my BenQ DW1640. PIFs are of a lesser magnitude because Lite-On uses different calculations to determine them. Also, jitter scanning is only available at 4x, not 8x like the BenQ. Which is why I’ll continue using my DW1640 for scanning until it dies.

Any BenQ DW1620/1640/1650/1655 will do. :wink:

And now that 1ECC Sum scanning is possible on those BenQ drives (CD Speed there is no need to look at Lite-On’s anymore. :bigsmile:

Okay, so now that BenQ models 1640, 1650 and 1655 are no longer available, what are the best burners on the market that do PIE/PIF scanning? I know not many drives allow you to do quality scanning as well.

BenQ DW1800/2000 scan as well. I’m not sure about the other models above the DW1655.

Stick to a MediaTek chipset drive if you want low cost reliable scanning. (Lite-On, latest BenQ and HP drives and maybe some others).

The Plextor PX-716 - PX-760 are probably the best scanning drives, but these to are discontinued and take a very long time to make a scan.

And cost hell lot of money :bigsmile:

Benq 2000/LieOn 20A1x drives are the best now regarding quality scanning


With the withdrawing of both Plextor & BenQ from DVD writer manufacturing, the only other widely accepted scanning capable chipset manufacturers (Sanyo & Philips Nexperia) no longer have any drive manufacturing partners AFAIK.

Unfortunately this means Mediatek chipset based drives are the only choice which practically results in the choice being currently limited to Lite-ON manufactured drives :frowning:

Many other manufacturers produce MediaTek based drives, like Samsung or Asus (latest models). I can say that my Samsung SH-S182D scans just as good as my BenQ DW1650 :cool:

The issue with the Samsung is that opinion/experiences with its scanning reliability is quite mixed for unexplained reasons so if someone is after a drive with known relatively reliable scanning abilities, the Lite-ON manufactured drives would be the safer option.

Tho, if my current drives ceased to work, I would probably not choose a Lite-ON writer for my scanning…

Thanks for the info guys! Sounds like my best bet for scanning is to get a Lite-On drive now or just wait for the BenQ DW1800 and DW2000 drives to hit the U.S. market, although they will be Lite-On made and not have the MediaTek chipset. Ugh, I guess I never realized how truly good I had it with all these BenQ 1640, 1650 and 1655 drives!

The BenQ DW1800 and DW2000 DO HAVE MediaTek chipsets!!! In fact the drives are the same as the LiteOns and they can be crossflashed. And i think those drives are intended only for the Asian markets, so the probability that they will appear in the US is low.
Just get a LiteOn drive and you can crossflash it to BenQ if you want to.

Since the last update to cdspeed Liteons can jitter scan at 8X.