Best drives that works with retail media?

Which drive out there that works with retail media and give me the fewest coaster? Thanks

The Benq 1640 is a very good drive, mine has performed very well with both good media and cheaper media that stumbles in lesser burners. NEC also makes great burners, they also excel with even lower quality/pickier media. LG makes some nice drives as well from what I’ve seen. Those would probably be my first 3 choices at this point.

LiteOn, NEC, Plextor, BenQ, LG will work well with 8x or 16x rated TY and Verbatim media when you burn them at 8x or 12x.

Thanks 4 a quick reply
i have PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-106D [FW 1.08]
i went out and got me some Verbatim 50 pack from office max and my pioneer burn them but cant read them so i guess it time to upgrade to a better drive i like to get the media from local retail do you guys think i should get the Benq will that work with Verbatim DVD+R:MCC-004-000 and DVD-R:MCC 03RG20 Thanks

First you need period and question marks to end your sentences. Next, BenQ 1640 will work for your Verbatims.

I agree with your second sentence. And I really really agree with your first sentence! :iagree:

Some people think they can’t be bothered to write understandable posts, using structured sentences with punctuation and (attempted) correct spelling.

Other people, like myself, can’t be bothered to even read such posts if they go on for more than a few lines - much less spend the time to respond in any way. :cool:

And now back to the question; Verbatims aren’t exactly the most difficult media to burn well, so the latest NEC drives should work fine as well. My ancient NEC 3500 (one year old - it’s positively stone age by now) burns Verbatim 16x DVD+R and DVD-R at full speed with excellent quality.

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