Best drivers for nvidia HD playback?

hey all,
just built a HTPC with spare parts from past computer upgrades. everything is acceptle for HD playback (with LG dual player).

I was wondering what drivers from Nvidia are best for playback of movies? I have a 7900GTX 512mb video card (I’ll replace with an 8800 later this spring) . I’m always in the habit of using the latest download from the main nvidia site, but that’s for gaming. Are the latest and greatest also best for HD DVD and Blu Ray playback? I searched nvidia for drivers and there was a beta listed for HD payback, but they are pretty old if I remember right. I was wondering what experiences everyone else has had? I am using those older beta HD drivers and the colors seem really off to me (Shrek is orange-ish and not green! LOL)

I’m using Powervd 331 (which I believe has the nvidia PureHD built in?) as well as the new ArcSoft digitalTheater, and both have the same color issues.

Thanks for any pointers!!!