Best driver for breaking protections?

1 Supports reading and writing of full SubChannel Data.(Secu rom as i understand…)
2 Able to rip audio from Key2Audio and Cactus Data Shield 200 protected audio discs.
3 Supports Mount Rainier format
4 Could back-up all SafeDisc 3.3 versions without weak sectors amplification(Supports “Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns” making it able to backup all the tested safedisc protected discs.)

A Supports reading and writing of 8cm discs
B Supports overburning up to 99 minutes and can read ‘GigaRec’ discs

ofcourse most plextor drives anything cheap and good there?

LiteOn. Their reputation for copy-protection-breaking at a low price is what propelled them to popularity in the first place.

Dunno about the GigaRec, but if the Plex writers made GigaRec so that it would be even remotely compatible with other devices, then the LiteOn should read those, too.