Best Drive Recommendation Based On My Needs?

after half of my discs (genuine TYG02 & SONYD21) turning up as coasters, even at low burn speeds, it’s time for the Lite-On SHOW-1633S to go.

i am looking for the best drive out currently (that i can buy with out jumping through hoops,) that meets my following requirements.

  1. no rip lock. i want to be able to rip DVDs at a solid, preferably fast speeds with out having to hack the firmware like i did on the Lite-On i have.

  2. rock solid reliable quality scanning (e.g. PIE/PIF). very important to me.

  3. of course rock solid reliable burns, preferably at any speed (although i usually will burn the 16x SONYD21s at 8x anyways.)

  4. DVD-RAM read support, and preferably write support (this is not a requirement per se, but i would like it.)

LiteOn is your only option for good scanning unless you can find 1 of the Benqs that are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Just add a Pioneer 111 or 112 crosspatched to the L version and keep your 1633 for scanning.

I don’t know about SONYD21, but the Liteon LH-20A1P is a great
TYG02 burner:

based on all that i have gathered here through reading reviews, looking at scans, reading posts, etc. the Lite-On LH-20A1H best suits my needs.

will be here tomorrow… :iagree:

So Lite-On are the only drives that can be flashed to no riplock? flashing firmware is not that hard. Is there a DVD-ROM that can be flashed to no riplock? best page for firmware?

A few drives can be changed and a few come that way. Liteon, Pioneer, BenQ are some examples. Liteon ROM drives as well. Good sites are here and here and here and here

offhand do we know which exact drives come without riplock? using a RW drive as a reader is ok. will look at the Liteon drives also. thx

older Benq’s if u can find them

Pioneer 111D as I recall, and possibly the 112 as well. It is easy to remove with MCSE so I wouldn’t sweat it.